What is a software developer?

"A developer is an individual that builds and create software and applications. He or she writes, debugs and executes the source code of a software application." (Techopedia)


The average salary for the median percentile of software developers is just above $95,000.

Degrees Needed

The required degrees to get a job in the software development field is at least a bachelor's degree in either software engineering or computer science.

College Options

Some colleges that give the minimum requirements for getting a job in this field include Western Kentucky University, Miame Dade College, and Davenport University Online

Some Job Options

The top three jobs in software development (CollegeGrad) include working as a software developer in Lab126, Verizon, and Nutanix.

What does the normal day of a Software Developer look like?

Work is always focused on one project The project has several stages which include requirement gathering, development and implementation, and testing and documentation. What most people enjoy the most is the variety of objectives to do during the project/work.

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What are the benefits of having this type of occupation and how will it help me (when it comes to time management)?

It is easier to finish work on a project easily and have possibly time leftover if there are no distractions and the work is done efficiently. Motivation is also key if projects are wanted to be finished earlier.

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What extra degrees in the field of software development can help me get a better occupation?

Getting a masters in either software engineering, computer science, information technology, and computer engineering can help you greatly to get an above average job in the field of software development or even similar jobs.

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